Large Bakery Display Case

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Large Bakery Display Case
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  • Place this acrylic display case on your countertop to easily and clearly display small to medium food items such as cookies, muffins, pastries, doughnuts, and small baked goods.
  • This display case is made out of a clear acrylic plastic and has a door in the front which gives customers easy access to three angled trays of food items.
  • The front door opens and closes giving your employees and customers easy access to whatever food items you choose to display and keeps the food products from spoiling.
  • The open-front display enables customers to help themselves to the food without employees having to attend to them.
  • This display case measures 19" L x 18" H x 17" D.




Length: 19" 


Height: 18" 


Depth: 17" 




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