Adhesive Pegboard & Slatwall Mounting Adapter

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Adhesive Pegboard & Slatwall Mounting Adapter
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  • Use our Pegboard & Slatwall plastic plate adapter to add a slatwall or pegboard backing to an item that does not have it. It features two peg prongs that fit right into most slatwall panels & pegboard holes.
  • This peg & slat back plate converter is white and made out of plastic. It has a very strong adhesive strip on the back so you can easily attach it to the item you'd like to mount.
  • Perfect for attaching signs, pockets or literature holders and making them compatible with slat wall or peg board panes with 1/4" diameter holes. Once attached items will sit flush against your panel.
  • There is no weight rating available, the strength of the adapter depends on the surface you stick it to & the strength of your display panel. We recommend displaying products weighing from 7-10 lb.
  • The plate measures 2.4" L x .63" H. The entire height of the adapter (including the prongs) .83" H. 


Length: 2.4"

Height: .63"

Adapter Height: .83"


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