Black Adjustable Depth Gondola Shelf Dividers

Item #: W-PDEX14-B
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Black Adjustable Depth Gondola Shelf Dividers
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  • Insert these black universal adjustable depth gondola shelf dividers onto your gondola shelves to provide a simple way to elegantly separate and organize your merchandise.
  • They're made of black plastic and pop right into most 1/4" circular, diamond or square hole gondola shelving, including Madix, Lozier, Handy and Streater gondola shelves.
  • The back of the divider on the includes a card/sign holder that can be used to draw attention to your product information.
  • Place these dividers on a black gondola shelf for a sleek merchandise dividing solution. ***Please note gondola shelving units and shelves are NOT included.***
  • These retracting item organizers easily separate your merchandise and measure 1.25" H. Fits shelves from 14" to 22" D. It will not fit shelves shorter than 14" or deeper than 22". 



Length: 14" to 22"
Height: 1.25" 



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