Center Shelf Rest & Rubber Cushions to Hang Shelves

Item #: W-SRC-RC
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Center Shelf Rest & Rubber Cushions to Hang Shelves
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  • Place these center shelf rests on your knife brackets to easily keep shelves in place.
  • This item is compatible with wooden, metal or glass shelving.
  • Insert 2 rubber cushions into the holes on the shelf rest then place the shelf rest on the knife bracket. Then simply place your shelf on the shelf rests. We recommend using 2 shelf rests per bracket.
  • Screw the shelf rest into a wooden shelf for added stability. No screws are included with this item.
  • Our center shelf rests come in a zinc finish. Two rubber buttons are included for each shelf rest.
  • Measures 1.5" L x .75" D x .4" H. Please note, no brackets are included in this order.


 Length: 1.5"

Depth: .75"

Height: 0.4"


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