Metal Slatwall Adapter - Makes Items Slatwall Compatible

Item #: W-SWMPS
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Metal Slatwall Adapter - Makes Items Slatwall Compatible
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  • Use our slatwall metal plate adapter to add a slatwall backing to an item that does not have it.

  • This slatwall back plate converter comes in a raw metal finish and is made out of heavy duty metal.
  • It includes 2 pre-drilled holes so you can easily attach it to the item you would like to mount. You can drill other holes into this plate. No screws or drills are included with this order.
  • Please note, this item is made for retail grade slatwall systems - it will not work with Proslat wall systems & other systems commonly found in home improvement stores like home depot or lowes.
  • It measures 3.15" H x 2.15" W. Fits into slatwall panels & panels with metal inserts 


Height: 2.5" 

Length: 2"

Color: Silver



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