Refrigerator Double Wire Shelf Ticket Channel, 29.5" L

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Refrigerator Double Wire Shelf Ticket Channel, 29.5" L - White
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  • Our double wire shelf label channel is made to withstand lower temperatures and works great in refrigerators & freezers and coolers.
  • Clip these label holders onto your double wire shelves for a simple and effective way to feature and protect pricing, UPC labels & other information. 
  • They are made from a sturdy PVC plastic and clip easily onto double wire shelves or any wire shelves with 7/8” front.
  • They are a great way to protect and draw attention to your UPC labels, pricing, and other information while still remaining barcode readable.
  • The ticket holding sleeve or pocket protects your labels which may contain important product information such as price or item details from spills, dirt & external elements while still remaining visible.
  • The channel is 29.5" long and holds tickets and signage 1.25" high. Choose from black or clear finishes.
  • *Please note: Any UPC labels pictured or any labels in general are not included. Choose your desired package quantity using the drop down menu above.



Length: 29.5"

Height: 1.25"


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